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Certified vs. Transitional Organic What is an Heirloom?


Certified Organic


Bloody Butcher Red Dent Corn

Organic Bloody Butcher (shipping included)
The Bloody Butcher corn listed here is an heirloom dent corn variety. It's medium grind has pieces of hard starch that may take a considerable amount of cooking time to soften compared to other dent varieties. I personally think the medium grind is too coarse when used in baked goods or cornbread, but great for grits (if you cook them long enough). It's therefore also offered in a fine grind.
It's an heirloom open pollinated non-GMO variety from the Appalachians. Some “strains” of this variety have flecks of red on a white kernel that resemble blood on a butcher's apron. (thus the name) Our “strain” seems to have lost that characteristic and is mostly all dark blood red kernels with an occasional white one.



Certified Organic


Blue Hopi Flour Corn

Organic Blue Hopi (shipping included)
The Blue Hopi listed here is an heirloom flour corn variety, NOT a dent or flint. The starch is mostly all soft, and is especially sweet. It makes a good, flavorful blue colored cornbread or grits. Because of its soft starch, it's only offered as a medium grind, which works well for both grits and baking in breads.
It's a 600 year old open pollinated variety that came from the Hopi Indians of the American southwest.


Transitional Organic


Henry Moore Yellow Dent Corn

Transitional Henry Moore (shipping included)

Certified Organic Coming Soon

An heirloom open pollinated yellow dent corn we grew last year and are just now getting cleaned up and milled. It lends itself better to being separated into corn flour and bolted grits better than any other corn we grow, so we are listing it as a whole grain cornmeal or separated into corn flour (almost as fine as wheat flour) and bolted grits (Southern style grits: where the finer flour has been sifted out)

Mix n' Match


1 lbs. (shipping not included)

Certified Organic 50 lbs. (shipping not included)

Transitional Organic 50 lbs. (shipping not included)

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