All non-GMO and many certified organic crops

(Everything has been grown and processed on our farm)

(All organic products are also non-GMO)



Allergy Notice: Our farm uses some of the same machinery to harvest and handle corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, buckwheat and field peas



Pastry (SRW wheat) flour/ Hard (HRS wheat) flour/ ALL PURPOSE/ Clear flour

The wheat/wheat products listed here were raised using organic methods on ground that is transitioning to being certified organic (transitional organic)

We do have a small amount of certified organic wheats left,  please email us for price and availability of certified organic wheat/ wheat products.


Whole wheat flour is the whole grain (bran, germ and endosperm included) stone ground.  Our sifted flour is stone ground and lightly sifted to remove the larger pieces of bran and germ.  It's a high extraction flour and it still has a tan/ light brown color to it.   Even the sifted flour is minimally processed and some smaller bran and germ are included.  Nothing has been bleached or bromated.  It is best stored refrigerated or frozen if stored for a long time.

A NOTE ON STONE MILLING:  While this applies to all our stone milled grains,  it seems especially relevant to wheat.  Modern milling methods try to keep the germ and bran in large pieces so that it can easily be sifted out of the flour.  This creates the generic white flour we've become familiar with found in stores today (mostly just the starchy endosperm).  However,  much of the nutrition and taste of the wheat grain is in the portion of flour which is removed.  Stone milling is better at breaking the bran and germ into smaller pieces so that it is included in the flour.  This results in more flavor and nutrition getting into stone milled flour,  it is however,  different from what most people are used to.  We therefore commonly sift our stone milled wheat flours to create a product a little closer to normal white flour.  It still has some smaller pieces of germ and bran in the flour and is tan in color.  A compromise between whole wheat and white flour.

A SECOND NOTE:  The extra nutrients left in these flours (from stone milling), and lack of pesticides,  make theses flours better food for mold and spoilage,  thus giving them a shorter shelf life.  At room temperature AND lower humidity,  normal shelf life is advertised as 9 months from grinding date.  Storing the flour refrigerated or frozen greatly increases shelf life and quality over time.


PASTRY FLOUR:  Wheat products that are made from a soft red variety


Flour made from soft wheat is usually considered a pastry flour.  It's the type of wheat that is usually grown in Illinois by conventional farmers.  

It's made from the same type of wheat as WhiteLily brand flour,  but is not as white or refined. 

My wife and daughter use this variety to make biscuits, pancakes, waffles, bread sticks, pizza crust etc. My kids like the taste. It has the nutty flavor of whole wheat but not the bitter taste associated with some soft red varieties.

This flour is not suitable for yeast breads without added gluten.

Our whole wheat pastry flour has more and larger pieces of bran than most whole wheat flour found in stores.  For cakes or finer pastries you may need to sift it,  or consider trying our sifted pastry flour instead.  It's still a high extraction flour (has some bran and germ in it still) with a tan/light brown color.  Please also feel free to request a low extraction pastry flour (not listed for sale here) if you need something even whiter.  (though, a stone mill really is NOT the grinding method of choice for really pure white flour)      

We stone grind the wheat flours in small batches frequently and then store it cold to maintain nutrients and freshness.

Wheat berries are the whole wheat kernels that were cleaned but not ground.  They can be ground into flour in a home mill,  cooked and used as a salad or salad topping, eaten as a cereal, popped, etc.



Hard Red Spring wheat makes some of the best bread flour in the world.  Though Illinois is a little too far south and usually a little too wet to be considered an ideal environment for bread flours,  we've found a variety that is respectable when grown here.  Again,  even our sifted hard wheat flour has a substantial amount of bran and germ left in it,  which allows the strong taste of this variety to come through.  It's a good taste,  but a bit overpowering if used straight.  I suggest cutting it with another type of flour because of its strong flavor for most applications.  (though many native Europeans seem to like this flour straight,  as is)



A blend of our sifted flours.  Still a high extraction flour with a tan/ light brown color.



A flour ground from extractions (bran/germ/small amount of endosperm) of our sifted flours.

Clear (Fancy) is made using SRW wheat

Clear (First) is made using HRS wheat





1 1/2 lbs. SRW Wheat berries for $4.00




2 1/2 lbs. Wheat flour




12 1/2 lbs. Wheat flour or Berries




50 lbs. wheat flour or berries